September 17, 2016


As our pre-election work continues, nominating meetings are being held, organized and planned for around the province. Mine is the great privilege of attending such meetings, and of listening to the unfailingly inspiring things that are said by our candidates, in their acceptance of the NDP nomination for public office. I’d like to share a few of these words.

Earlier this month, Tammy Martin, a CUPE trade unionist and health care worker in New Waterford, was nominated in a meeting at the Lingan Community Hall. Her acceptance speech (in which she referred to the 2015 by-election in Cape Breton Centre, where she was also our candidate) was direct and strong. “They lied to us last year,” said Tammy. “They told us that they would leave long-term care alone, and they didn’t. They told us they’d leave health care workers alone, and they didn’t. They told us they’d allow us to bargain collectively. They took that right away.”

That’s for sure.

Lisa Roberts, the community organizer and journalist who was elected August 30 as MLA for Halifax Needham, placed the values of community development at the centre of her acceptance. “Working in the community is a privilege,” said Lisa. “People are building better communities, but they don’t have a very good partner in the Liberal government. Let’s be that better partner….  I choose hope over fear.  I choose collaboration and creativity over cynicism.”


Moraig Macgillivray was nominated as our candidate in Antigonish in August at a meeting at St. James United Church. An ESL (English as a Second Language) educator and long-time community activist, Moraig offered these words in her speech’s closing: “Can you feel the energy in this room? It’s the energy that comes with NDPers who have been at it for decades to make our vision a reality. It’s the accumulation of effort that has gone into campaign after campaign to bring our voice to government, and it’s the energy of new recruits for whom the message of hope resonates and who bring a whole new perspective and enthusiasm.”

May I say, “A-men”?

In solidarity and hope,