Some News to Share

July 12, 2016


Coming out of our convention two  weeks ago, our Party is moving with sharpened focus into the mode of election preparation. Candidate Search Committees are being formed and are attending to their work in constituencies across the province. And I am happy to announce today that I will be seeking the nomination to be the NDP candidate in the constituency of Halifax Chebucto.

Like people throughout our province, those who live in Halifax Chebucto have every reason to feel let down by the McNeil Liberals.

Representative of that failure is the situation of the Canadian Institute for the Blind, whose Nova Scotia Service Centre is on Almon St. The CNIB had a 30% cut in its provincial funding imposed by the McNeil Liberals. Six months later, immense public pressure forced the government to restore some of the funding, but not until after staff layoffs and program cuts had occurred.

Nurses and health care workers, teachers, government employees and university faculty and staff have all faced a Liberal government that is profoundly disrespectful of the right to free and fair collective bargaining in the public sector.

Workers in the film and television industries have seen a drastic curtailment of productions, and many have been forced to leave the province altogether because of the Liberals’ decision to cut the Film Tax Credit, decimating one of the most vibrant economic and cultural sectors in the province.

And the many students who live in Chebucto are facing the consequences of the Liberals’ deregulation of the escalation of tuition fees.

Our Party’s program is focused on building stronger communities together.  Many workers on Quinpool Road will benefit from our plan to increase the minimum wage to $15, and the firms that employ them will enjoy increased business from those higher wages. Investments in health care will address impossible wait times in accessing community-based mental health services, and the crisis in the availability of long-term care.  Poverty–and child poverty in particular–will be tackled seriously enough so that everyone will be able to get their food from a grocery store or a farmers’ market, rather than a food bank.

It was in Halifax Chebucto 35 years ago that Alexa McDonough was first elected as an MLA for our Party.  More recently, Howard Epstein served the Halifax Chebucto community for 15 years. It is a privilege  to offer myself to continue their contributions.

In solidarity and hope,


p.s. The Halifax Chebucto NDP nomination meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 26 at 7pm at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts at 6199 Chebucto Rd.