NDP Moving Agriculture Headquarters to Truro-Bible Hill

April 30, 2012

The province is relocating its agriculture department headquarters from Halifax to Truro-Bible Hill in a move that brings good jobs and affirms that area as the provincial centre for agricultural excellence.

The province announced today, April 30, that it will move 34 head office positions to Truro-Bible Hill, joining the 141 Department of Agriculture staff already located there.

“Truro-Bible Hill has historically been a focal point for agriculture, from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College to the various commodity groups and federal agricultural agencies which call it home,” said Agriculture Minister John MacDonell.

“This move will allow the department to consolidate operations to provide better service to farmers and the agriculture industry, while bringing good jobs to grow the rural economy.”

The department’s headquarters staff will move to Truro-Bible Hill by the end of 2012.

“It makes sense to have the Department of Agriculture located here in central Nova Scotia,” said Beth Densmore, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture. “It will improve accessibility for farmers and improve dialogue among industry stakeholders.

Bob Taylor, Mayor of the Municipality of Colchester, said the announcement is great news.

“This is not only a great boost to our local community and our local economy, but offers significant support to our all-important agriculture industry, not only for the present, but for promoting the innovative programs that are so important for the industry’s future.”

“This move makes sense for both the provincial government and for the communities that will now benefit from good jobs and valuable programs,” said Jimmy MacAlpine, president of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities . “I applaud the provincial government for moving the agriculture department headquarters to Truro-Bible Hill.”

The Department of Agriculture has more than 220 staff provincewide in 13 communities around the province.