Changes necessary for hub schools to work

September 14, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – The NDP is calling on Minister of Education Karen Casey to make changes to the guidelines for hub schools as another hub proposal is rejected. Last week the Tri-County School Board rejected a hub proposal from the Digby Neck Consolidated School, but did vote to keep the school open.

“The hub school model has been set up to fail. Despite having dedicated volunteers, broad community support, and well-developed plans, no community has been able to get a hub school approved because it is impossible under the parameters set by the Minister of Education.” said NDP Education Critic Lenore Zann.

At a meeting of the Human Resources Committee in June 2016, Chairman of the School Review Committee Bob Fowler said, “I think if we truly want hub school models – if we want to try one – there probably needs to be some sort of transition process.” Fowler, formerly deputy minister to the Premier and head of the Nova Scotia public service, also told the committee that with provincial support, the hub model could build on Nova Scotia’s history of community economic development.

Minister Casey said last week she is open to changing the parameters, but has not provided any details about when or how these changes will be implemented.

“So far, Minister Casey and the Premier have left rural communities to fend for themselves instead of providing the necessary supports to get the hub model moving in Nova Scotia,” said Zann. “While the Minister has finally agreed to make changes after being asked repeatedly to review the hub school parameters, only time will tell if this is just another empty promise.”


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