NDP calls for a moratorium on P3 projects

June 14, 2016

For Immediate Release 

Halifax, NS – A report, Private Profit at a Public Price, released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Nova Scotia concludes that the P3 schools program in Nova Scotia was a failure. P3s have not fulfilled the promise of reduced costs and have resulted in private companies reaping significant profits from public dollars.

The CCPA report points out there was a lack of evidence-based decision-making behind the contracts for these schools. The P3 model was pursued for political reasons – mainly to keep capital debt off the public books. However, the impact of this approach has been the transfer of millions of public dollars to the corporate sector. Although much of the information about the actual costs has not been made publicly available, the report points to one instance in which two developers realized a profit of $52 million over the length of the lease for property management services.

Stephen McNeil and the Liberals need to make decisions about the leases on the 39 schools built using the P3 model. The NDP agrees with the CCPA that “Schools are vital parts of our communities here in Nova Scotia and they need to belong to the public, not private corporations.”  It is also troubling that the Liberals continue to consider the P3 model when discussing the Victoria General Hospital.  The NDP supports a moratorium on P3s.

“The evidence is now in, and it is clear,” says Gary Burrill, Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP. “The P3 model is a failed experiment. Public assets should be owned by the public.”

“Schools are the hub of our communities, especially in rural areas of the province. If Nova Scotians are paying for schools in their community we need to make sure it is Nova Scotians who own those schools at the end of the day,” said Lenore Zann, NS NDP Education Critic.

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