NDP committed to making life better for seniors

September 26, 2013

NDP candidate Lenore Zann says today’s announcement of 72 additional long term care beds for the Colchester East Hants Health authority demonstrates the NDPs commitment to making life better for seniors.

“Unlike the Liberals who put a freeze on long-term care beds, the NDP is working to ensure the resources are in place so our seniors get the care they need,” said Zann. “Given the Liberal record, the fact that Stephen McNeil will review long term care beds is a risky proposition.”

Zann says the NDP will work with the District Health Authority to determine where these beds will go. Zann adds she is worried about the Liberals and Conservatives plan to eliminate DHAs in order to create a large super health bureaucracy in Halifax.

“The NDP believes local communities have a role to play when it comes to making decisions that impact seniors. Decisions that affect seniors in our region shouldn’t be made from an office in Halifax. We know what happened the last time the Liberals centralized health care in the 1990s, our province lost 1,600 hospital beds and 1,000 nurses.

Planning for the new beds will begin in 2015.