Stephen McNeil would say NO to Scotsburn expansion

October 3, 2013

NDP candidate Lenore Zann says Stephen McNeil has it wrong when it comes to supporting jobs for families in Truro and would have said ‘no’ to supporting Scotsburn’s expansion.

“Mr. McNeil has said the kind of support Scotsburn received to expand their operations would not happen under a Liberal government,” said Zann.

Mr. McNeil said, “We’ve made it clear that there would be no grants from a Liberal government.” (The Chronicle Herald, Sept 27)

Scotsburn in Truro received a $2 million grant to purchase new equipment to improve efficiency and productivity making it a stronger local employer. The province also invested $5.5 million to help Scotsburn expand. Although the province was not the ‘lender of last resort’ the investment helped protect 500 jobs and created 40 more.

“Mr. McNeil is wrong on jobs. NDP job investments make Truro a more attractive place to do business.  In a global economy, Scotsburn can go anywhere, but they were able to expand and create jobs here in our area,” said Zann.

“What would happen if the Liberals say No to Truro by ending those job investments as Stephen McNeil has promised. Is it worth the risk for Truro area families to find out?”

The NDP will: deliver better health care where and when people need it, fight for good jobs and stronger communities, keep the HST off home energy and take it off more family essentials, give our kids a better start, stand up for seniors, build the Maritime Link and keep the budget balanced to protect services for families.

Election say is Tuesday, October 8.