Tories platform would put a stop to work at Truro Justice Centre

September 13, 2013

NDP candidate Lenore Zann says the Conservatives would either put a halt to construction of the Truro Justice Centre and other major projects, or their platform has a major accounting error in it.
The PC platform says they would direct money toward debt repayment each year. But in order to pay down the debt the government not only has to balance the budget it also has to cover planned capital spending for new projects like schools and hospitals. The Conservatives costing doesn’t account for capital spending.
Zann says in Truro-Bible Hill-Milbrook-Salmon River this would mean shovels literally being pulled out of the ground on projects that have already begun. 
“Nova Scotians remember how the Conservatives managed the finances. Last time they were in government they overspent by over $1 billion, now they want to put services like health care, roads and education in jeopardy by severely underspending. It just doesn’t add up. ”
Zann does acknowledge the Conservative platform may just include an accounting error. If so it speaks volumes about Jamie Baillie’s ability to lead a government. 
“I actually hope Mr. Baillie’s platform has a major error in it, otherwise the Conservatives want to leave communities like ours in a bad state.”