Why do Liberal education promises not apply to Cape Breton?

June 22, 2015

(Sydney, NS) NDP candidates Madonna Doucette and Tammy Martin are questioning the McNeil government’s commitment to students and teachers in Cape Breton. They made the comments following news that 40 teacher positions are being cut in the region. This follows an earlier announcement that the school board is cutting 14 teaching assistants.

They want to know why the McNeil government is promising more investments in education while making cuts in Cape Breton.
“Stephen McNeil and his Minister of Education like to tout all the money they’ve invested in education, but our school board is being forced to make $4 million in cuts,” says Doucette. “I guess the Liberals are spending that money elsewhere.”
Tammy Martin adds, “It appears Liberal election promises don’t apply to Cape Breton. It doesn’t seem as though students and classrooms in Cape Breton are a priority for the McNeil government.”