82% drop in #nsfilmjobs this fall under McNeil government

November 10, 2015

There has been an 82% drop in Nova Scotia screen jobs this fall since the McNeil government slashed the film tax credit. This is according to information provided to the NDP Caucus by IATSE Local 849.

Last fall, from September to December, there were 510 cast and crew jobs for film and television productions IATSE was involved in. This fall over the same period of time there are only 90. 

“What we are seeing is a very tangible decline in the number of people working in our screen industry as a result of Stephen McNeil’s reckless decision to slash the film tax credit,” says NDP Film and Television Production Incentive Fund Critic Marian Mancini. “The loss of 420 jobs in a small province like ours is significant. It has been troubling to see the number of people, especially young people, who have had to uproot their families and leave as a result of this Liberal government.”

IATSE local 849 Business Agent Gary Vermeir says this fall has been a trying time for his members.

“Our members and all members of the screen community have been doing their best to make the new fund work, but our industry was given no time to transition to the changes imposed by the McNeil government. We begged the Premier not to force us to change horses midstream on July 1st – the midst of our production season – but to no avail,” says Vermeir. “Our industry was thrown into chaos and the productions that were lined up for the summer and fall went away. As a result, a lot of our Nova Scotian members have been forced to take jobs in other provinces that are offering more stable support to their screen industries.”