By-election a chance to send Stephen McNeil a message about film tax credit: Mancini

July 12, 2015

(Dartmouth, NS) Stephen McNeil’s decision to slash the film tax credit has placed thousands of good jobs in peril and Tuesday’s by-election is a chance for Dartmouth residents to voice their displeasure says NDP candidate Marian Mancini. 
Mancini’s comments are being echoed by people in the screen industry, including Heather Snider, a Key Scenic Artist who lives in Dartmouth.
“Right now I am very uncertain about my future in Nova Scotia,” says Snider. “I am working on a film but it is under the old film tax credit and was slated to go before the budget was released. Several people in the industry have already left for other provinces and I’m hoping don’t have to do the same.”
Snider adds, “If I have to make the decision to leave Nova Scotia it will break my heart. I moved here in1998, graduated from two local universities and have worked hard to establish myself as a Key Scenic Artist. Because of the Liberal’s broken promise, I might be forced to start all over again in a different province where cultural industries are actually supported.”
Mancini says she will work hard to strengthen Nova Scotia’s creative economy.
“The issue that keeps coming up on the doorstep is the damage Stephen McNeil has done to our economy by breaking his promise to extend the film tax credit,” says Mancini. “If we are going to build a better future for Nova Scotia then we need to invest in our cultural sectors. It’s really disappointing that Stephen McNeil doesn’t understand the importance of maintaining and growing our creative economy.”