Frustration growing over cancelled surgeries

April 30, 2015

NDP leader Maureen MacDonald says there’s growing frustration among patients and their families as surgeries continue to be cancelled at the Halifax Infirmary with no plan in place.

“While the McNeil government has been downplaying the seriousness of this situation, patients are being left to wonder when they’ll ever get surgeries they desperately need,” said MacDonald.

Darlene Worth was supposed to have critical stomach and throat surgery including a hernia repair on April 22. For more than a year Darlene has been suffering in pain while waiting for this surgery. The past six months she has been restricted to a fluids only diet.

“I am not able to eat. I am not able to clean. I just go to work and come home and sleep, which I can’t do well because the pain is so bad. This is not quality of life for me at all,” says Worth.

The day before her surgery Worth was told it was cancelled and that it could be six months before the surgery is rescheduled and her quality of life restored.

“We know there are hundreds of other Nova Scotians in Darlene’s situation and that number is growing by the day. At the very least, the new CEO of the Nova Scotia Health Authority should be providing daily updates on everything it’s doing to ensure people like Darlene get their surgery as soon as possible,” said MacDonald.