Human Resource committee should review Chief Protocol Officer appointment

January 28, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is disappointed the Liberals blocked a request to have the Provincial Protocol Office appear before the Human Resources Committee to answer questions about the patronage appointment of Glennie Langille.

“All on his own, Stephen McNeil decided to turn a public service job into a patronage position so he could hand it to his friend and former communications director,” said MacDonald. “Given that Ms. Langille was not required to participate in a formal hiring process, this issue really needs to be reviewed by the Legislature’s Human Resources Committee.”

MacDonald says the Liberals have not delivered on a promise to be open and accountable to Nova Scotians.

“If Stephen McNeil truly believes Glennie Langille is the best person for the job of Chief Protocol Officer then he should be comfortable having the HR committee ask questions about his decision,” said MacDonald. “McNeil promised Nova Scotians he would be open and transparent with them, but so far, he has been anything but.”

MacDonald added, “It’s time the Premier realize to earn the trust of Nova Scotians he needs to be willing to defend his decisions. Otherwise he will continue to face serious doubts about the suitability of his political appointments.”