McNeil government freezing out seniors

May 28, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says the McNeil government needs to stop freezing out Nova Scotia seniors.

“Nova Scotia seniors have spent their whole lives helping to build our communities. They deserve better than the treatment they’re receiving from the McNeil government,” says MacDonald.

MacDonald’s comments come in reaction to news that the Department of Seniors has dramatically cut funding to the 50+ Seniors Expo, which has been funded by every government over the past 25 years.

MacDonald says from day one it has been clear that seniors’ needs are not a priority for the McNeil government.

“One of the first things Stephen McNeil did was collapse the Department of Seniors in to the Department of Health. Now they’ve reduced every grant program within the Department of Seniors by 25 per cent,” says MacDonald.

MacDonald says seniors are also being harmed by Stephen McNeil’s decision to put a moratorium on building additional or replacement long-term care beds.

“It’s time for the McNeil government to stop these senseless cuts and make seniors a priority.”