NDP calling on McNeil government to release P3 School Contracts

October 21, 2015

Two weeks after first raising the issue of P3 school contracts expiring in Public Accounts, NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is asking the chair of the provincial Treasury Board and Education Minister Karen Casey to release the details of the service agreements.

“In Public Accounts today, we learned that the Finance Department has worked on projections of possible scenarios around P3 school contracts from the 1990’s but need information from the Department of Education to complete their analysis,” said MacDonald.

Under the contracts, the government has three choices: Pick up the $230 million worth of options on the schools and take ownership; agree to continue the leases which have already cost the province $830 million; or the government can simply allow the contracts to end, which would result in school closures.

“Parents shouldn’t be left in the dark about the future of their schools. Releasing the details of the P3 contracts will allow all Nova Scotians to weigh in on the financial implications of this multi-million dollar decision,” added MacDonald.

Beginning on November 30, 2015 the government is obligated to make a decision on a total of 39 P3 contracts over the next two years.