Nova Scotia loses hundreds of jobs in September

October 10, 2014

NDP leader Maureen MacDonald says government needs to do more to prevent job losses and create new jobs in Nova Scotia.

“Stephen McNeil is entering year two of his mandate with one promise kept – his promise not to invest in jobs. This is one promise he needs to break,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald’s comments come in reaction to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey for September, 2014 released today, Oct. 10. The report shows Nova Scotia lost another 700 jobs in the month of September.

“There are 9,700 fewer people the labour pool than this time last year. Yet today the Minister of Economic Development is more interested in giving MLAs a four day week than addressing this issue,” said MacDonald.

Liberal House Leader Michel Samson introduced a resolution in the House of Assembly today to eliminate the Monday sitting of the Nova Scotia Legislature. The resolution also seeks to reduce the amount of time opposition parties can question government.

“Stephen McNeil’s promise not to invest in jobs is hurting Nova Scotians. Ignoring the problem will only makes things worse,” said MacDonald.