Belliveau asks why the Liberals are holding up paving tenders

February 26, 2014

Today at the Provincial Public Accounts Committee it was disclosed that the province has released about half as many tenders to date than it had this time last year.

NDP Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal critic Sterling Belliveau is asking, ‘What’s the hold up?’, especially since the Liberals in opposition repeatedly called for earlier tender releases. He says road paving is crucial to rural communities and that the Liberals need to get their act together quickly.

On December 14, 2012 Stephen McNeil told the Chronicle Herald, “The government’s responsibility is to ensure that the proper tenders are being done, all the engineering spec work is done in a timely fashion, and releasing as many of those tenders in January and February as possible.”

Belliveau says the Premier isn’t following his own advice.

“In opposition Stephen McNeil said the government should work to release as many tenders in January and February as possible,” said Belliveau. “Now that the Liberals are in government tenders are being released at half the pace. I wonder what the hold up is?”

The government’s excuse was that the recent election has slowed down the process but Belliveau isn’t buying it.

“Just days after the Liberal government was sworn in they were able to award a TIR tender to a company owned by the Premier’s brother, so I don’t know why they can’t proceed with the same enthusiasm on road tenders,” said Belliveau.