Belliveau calling for upgrades at East Side Port l’Hébert wharf

March 17, 2015

(Shelburne) Recently, NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau wrote Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea requesting upgrades to the East Side Port l’Hébert wharf in Queens County be completed sooner than currently scheduled. He’s calling on provincial Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell to do the same.

Belliveau says given the larger vessels being used by many fishermen, the water depth at the wharf is no longer adequate and the government should complete upgrades sooner for safety reasons. Currently upgrades are in the design stage and are not set to be completed until 2020.

“After visiting the wharf to meet with fishermen and the Harbour Association, it’s clear to me that this expansion needs to be completed sooner, rather than later,” said Belliveau. “I’ve always believed it’s up to the province to stand up for the needs of our fishery in Ottawa. That’s why I’m calling on Minister Colwell to formally request of his federal counterpart that these upgrades be given greater priority.”

He added, “The current situation is putting the safety of fishermen at risk.”