Belliveau: NDP Making life better for seniors in Queens-Shelburne

September 19, 2013

(Shelburne, N.S.) NDP candidate Sterling Belliveau says today’s announcement of a new Hillsview Acres facility (to include 29 long term care beds) in Liverpool and a new Roseway Manor facility (to include 66 long term care beds) in Shelburne demonstrates the NDP’s commitment to making life better for seniors and their families.

 “Today I’m reminded of the Bayside home in Barrington. For 30 years a series of Liberal and Conservative governments promised to expand that facility and never did. Year after year they failed to keep that commitment while seniors were forced to move out of the community and away from their families. I’m proud to say one of the first things the NDP did was to expand that facility, and right that wrong,” said Belliveau, who is running in Queens – Shelburne.

Belliveau said the NDP has stood up for seniors by opening 1,000 long-term beds since 2009 and will now open 1,100 more. He says that is a big change from the last Liberal government who put a four-year freeze on new long-term care beds and the Conservatives who took seven years just to announce a plan for seniors care.

“Seniors have worked hard to build communities like ours and in years past under the old parties I always felt it was shameful many were forced to move away from their families during their final years. By adding new beds the NDP is standing up for seniors.”