Health care in Shelburne has suffered under the McNeil government

October 26, 2015

Families and seniors who rely on the Roseway Emergency Room for urgent care have been let down by the McNeil government says NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau.

He issued a statement of support to community members who are protesting Health Minister Leo Glavine’s mismanagement of the facility later today.

“The Emergency Room at Roseway has been closed far too many times in the past two years under the Liberal government,” says Belliveau. “The community has had enough. These constant closures must come to an end. Residents in Shelburne need to have confidence that their emergency room is open so they can access primary care when they need it.”

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says the situation at Roseway is unacceptable and is the result of the Liberal government’s preoccupation with merging district health authorities.

“When the Liberals centralized health authorities in Halifax, communities like Shelburne lost their voice in our health care system,” says Wilson. “Instead of working to keep the Roseway Emergency Room open, Minister Glavine has been focusing all his attention on shuffling the board room chairs and picking fights with health care workers.”