Liberals continue to neglect emergency care in Shelburne

January 6, 2016

Families in Shelburne who count on the Roseway Emergency Room to be open deserve more than just lip-service from the McNeil government, says NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau.

He made the comments after a recent string of eight ER closures at Roseway between December 18th and January 3rd. In the past year closures at the only Emergency Room between Liverpool and Yarmouth have increased by over 500%.

“Back in October Leo Glavine came to Shelburne and told everyone he was going to keep the Roseway ER open, but given what’s happened in the past few weeks, clearly that’s not the case,” says Belliveau. “Families that count on the Roseway ER in times of crisis deserve more than just lip-service from this minister and the Liberal government. Residents are tired of the hollow public relations events and want results.”

He adds, “ever since the McNeil government centralized the health authority in Halifax, emergency care in Shelburne County and other rural communities has suffered.”