Loss of Roseway ER doctor places patient care at risk

October 1, 2015

NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau says the Roseway Emergency Room is already reeling from neglect from the McNeil government and it can’t afford to lose a doctor. He wants to know why the Minister of Health has done nothing to address a situation which has been ongoing for several months.

Yesterday, CBC reported that Dr. Wouna Chaloner, who is the regular overnight doctor at Roseway, is planning to resign due to the loss of wages she has incurred as a result of constant ER closures at the facility.

“The situation at Roseway for the past year and a half has been inexcusable,” says Belliveau. “There is no regional hospital within an hour of Shelburne, and these constant closures are placing patient safety at risk. The loss of a doctor would make what is already a bad situation that much worse.”
Belliveau adds, “This can’t go on, the area can’t afford to lose an ER doctor, this situation needs to be fixed immediately. They’ve ignored the closures for far too long while they’ve been shuffling board room chairs by amalgamating District Health Authorities.”