NDP Announces $236,000 to Upgrade Shelburne Clinic

December 5, 2011

The province is investing $236,000 to upgrade Shelburne Medical Clinic so it can better meet the health care needs of people in the community.

Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau made the funding announcement on behalf of Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health and Wellness, as part of the province’s new capital plan to make life better for families.

“This investment will help provide better care sooner to people in Shelburne by modernizing a key part of the local health-care system,” said Mr. Belliveau. “The upgraded clinic will have improved space for health care providers to work together, helping to better meet the needs of patients.”

The community, through the Municipality of Shelburne and Roseway Hospital Foundation, will provide just over half of the project’s total cost.

“The commitment of the community of Shelburne is making this possible. I want to congratulate the community, municipality, hospital foundation, South West Health and other partners for their hard work and support of this project,” said Mr. Belliveau.

“The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is pleased to support such a worthwhile community project. As our community grows, it is important that we invest in our essential services, and we know this will lead to a much better community health care system for all our residents in the municipality,” said Kirk Cox, chief administrative officer, Municipality of Shelburne.

The Shelburne Medical Clinic is next to the Roseway Hospital, offering quick access for patients and health care providers working in the clinic to the emergency department and other hospital services.

“This proposal for an improved clinic was a direct result of the physician recruitment committee to attract and retain physicians in our community,” said Dr. John Keeler, deputy chief of medical staff, South West Health. “An upgraded medical clinic will provide a better environment for delivering care to our patients. It will also improve working conditions for physicians and clinic staff.”

This investment is part of the province’s Better Care Sooner plan, which includes making the delivery of health care more collaborative and patient-centred.

The province’s new capital plan will invest millions of dollars to make life better for families. It will create good jobs, grow the economy and provide better health care for all Nova Scotians.

The capital plan invests in projects that are most important to Nova Scotians, like emergency rooms, schools, roads and hospital equipment.