McNeil government needs to explain $41.5 million in Healthcare cuts

June 3, 2015

The McNeil government needs to outline specifically what its $41.5 million Healthcare cut, announced today, will impact.

Earlier this morning, without a formal announcement or media briefing, the provincial health authority released its 2015-16 business plan which contained more than $41 million worth of “mitigations” to health care programs and services.

While the plan contains categories from which cuts will be made, it provides no explanation for how the proposed spending reductions will be achieved.

“Instead of releasing this document on time, the McNeil government waited until after the spring sitting of the Legislature was over, and then quietly sent it out with the Premier out of the province,” says NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald. “Specifically, which programs are being cut to provide these savings? How will the cuts impact various regions of the province? Is the government considering outsourcing and privatizing laundry and food services? If they intend to increase revenue through fees such as parking, what specifically will these increases be?

The business plan also indicates significant spending reductions in areas such as acute care, mental health services and addictions services, without any formal explanation for how the reductions are being achieved.

“The public deserves to know the specifics of this business plan. Unfortunately, the McNeil government has once again failed to be open and transparent, which will undoubtedly bring more turmoil to our health care system,” says MacDonald.