A Better Future For You and Your Family at Stake in Next Election: Dexter

May 4, 2013

(Halifax, N.S) Nova Scotians are being reminded of what’s at stake in the next provincial election at the NDP’s Annual General Meeting at Pier 21 today.

“Today is a starting point as we get ready to ask Nova Scotians for their trust once again and elect a second majority NDP government,” said Premier Dexter. “The last election was about change. The next election will be about the future.”

The event featured recognition of MLAs not re-offering, an in-camera strategy session and speeches by Premier Dexter, NDP MP Robert Chisholm, federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. Former federal and provincial NDP leader Alexa McDonough was among those who attended. 

“If given the chance the Liberals would not only do away with the province’s collaborative approach to health care, they would strip local communities of having a voice in how they get health care,” said Premier Dexter, referring to the Liberal plan to dismantle district health authorities and create a super board.

“Nova Scotians learned in the 90s that Liberal health care reform means Liberal health care cut backs and chaos.”

Dexter said the NDP would continue striving to provide better care sooner to Nova Scotians with a focus on patients and prevention.

Energy was another hot topic of discussion. Dexter reminded delegates that it was the Liberals and the Conservatives that allowed rate payers to foot the bill for rising executive salaries and bonuses. It took an NDP government to enact limits on excessive corporate compensation making Nova Scotia the first and only province in Canada to have done so, said Dexter. He also noted the NDP decision to remove the provincial portion of HST off home energy versus the Liberals who voted many times to tax the family essential.

In addition to health and energy, Dexter highlighted NDP investments in jobs and training.

“The Liberals oppose investments to attract and keep good jobs that support families in every part of this province. They don’t get it. Each job that is attracted, each good job that is kept, means another pay cheque that is being spent in the community,” said Dexter.

Federal NPD leader Thomas Mulcair echoed the importance of electing another NDP government in Nova Scotia.

“Under the leadership of Darrell we have watched Nova Scotia transform from a province plagued with maintaining the status quo to a province with a bright future,” said Mulcair. “In just four short years, the NDP have put Nova Scotians on a path to better health care, more affordable power rates and better job opportunities. Nova Scotia is starting to turn the corner and the whole country should take notice,”

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