A Better Future for Today’s Families – Cape Breton

September 7, 2013

(Eskasoni, N.S.) Today, Sept. 7, Premier Darrell Dexter brought the NDP’s 7 key commitments to help build a better future for today’s families to Cape Breton.
“The last election was about change.  The next election will be about the future,” said Dexter. “The last four years haven’t always been easy. The NDP has gained the experience to build a better future, working together with Cape Breton families.”
“Cape Bretoners have worked hard the last four years to help get the province back to balance.  With a balanced budget we will work together to pave more roads, open more long-term care beds for seniors and fight for good jobs and stronger communities here in Cape Breton.”
“There is a lot at stake for Cape Bretoners in the next election especially when it comes to the health care,” said Dexter.  “The Liberals want to take health care decisions out of Cape Breton and centralize them in a super bureaucracy in Halifax which would force chaos and cutbacks for patient care in Cape Breton.  The NDP will stand up for Cape Breton families.”
In the next election the NDP will campaign on 7 practical steps to build a better future for today’s families.
The NDP will:
• Deliver better health care where and when you need it.
• Fight for good jobs and stronger communities.
• Keep the HST off home energy and take it off more family essentials.
• Give our kids a better start by focusing on what matters most.
• Stand up for seniors by protecting and enhancing the services they need.
• Build the Maritime Link for green, local, tax-free energy.
• Keep the budget balanced to protect services for you and your family.
“The NDP will keep working hard for Cape Breton families,” said Dexter.  “The NDP stood up for communities in the Strait Area, opened more long-term care beds, enabled new opportunities through dredging Sydney harbour and made Lucenits treatment available in Cape Breton.  Together we’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still more to do.”
“The experience of the NDP allows Nova Scotians to see a platform that is fully costed and will keep the budget balanced so important program and services for families and seniors will be protected,” said the NDP leader.
Details of the new steps to achieve the NDP’s 7 commitments will be released during the upcoming election campaign.  The annual cost of the entire platform is $34,350,000.