New Brunswick says good-bye to Liberal energy plan for Nova Scotia

May 7, 2013

Legislation introduced by the Alward government in New Brunswick today delivers a devastating blow to Liberal leader Stephen McNeil’s energy plan says NDP MLA Mat Whynott. The legislation introduced today effectively closes the chapter on the competitive electricity market first introduced in New Brunswick by the Bernard Lord Tories in 2002, and presided over by the Shawn Graham Liberals, before being scrapped by the Alward government.

“This news confirms the Liberal plan has been tried and failed,” said Whynott. “The Liberals have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to convince Nova Scotians this plan would work but the reality is it didn’t work in New Brunswick and it wouldn’t work here,” said Whynott.

Today the New Brunswick government deemed the competitive electricity model “ineffective” stating it failed to yield the desired benefits.

“Liberal leader Stephen McNeil and Liberal Energy critic Andrew Younger were wrong to lead Nova Scotians to believe the deregulated market in New Brunswick was working,” said Whynott.

Whynott says McNeil and Younger have pointed to New Brunswick on numerous occasions as evidence that their plan would be successful despite mounting evidence the model hasn’t worked. Whynott says this is another example of the willingness of the Liberals to put their own interests ahead of Nova Scotians.

New Brunswick’s legislation recognizes the cheapest, most reliable way to get energy is to make NB Power the sole power company in the province. The legislation comes after an era in which the province experimented with allowing the renewable energy producers to sell directly to consumers. Since the introduction of the model the growth of renewables in New Brunswick has stagnated in part to due to the high costs associated with entering the market.

“Today we have further evidence to show that Mr. McNeil and Mr. Younger care more about playing politics than delivering solutions that will work for Nova Scotia families,” said Whynott.

NS NDP is creating a competitive energy market with growing supplies of local green power as the best way to ensure stable prices and a cleaner environment. Nova Scotia’s energy plan means local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient power, said Whynott.