Bernard cuts $446,000 for charities and gives $1.5 million to consultants

October 28, 2015

NDP MLA Marian Mancini is asking Communities Services Minister Joanne Bernard to justify giving $1.5 million to consulting firms to review her department after cutting $446,000 from nine charities that support our most vulnerable. The McNeil government has also placed a two year freeze on income assistance.

“Really what are this Minister’s priorities?” says Mancini. “People on income assistance, people who rely on organizations like the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind for support, and people who have had their bus passes taken away by this Minister deserve an explanation for this apparent double-standard.”

Mancini adds, “This Minister has been in charge of Community Services for two years. Why is she just embarking on this review now? If the Minister was truly committed to bringing substantive change to her department than this work would have finished long ago.”

Today CBC is reporting that the Department of Community Services issued two tenders worth $1.5 million dollars, to seek advice on how to “transform the province’s welfare system.”