Stephen McNeil does not need a bigger cabinet than the Premier of Alberta

July 24, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says it’s wrong for Stephen McNeil to increase the size of his cabinet in a year where he’s frozen the health care budget and cut funding to dozens of organizations that support Nova Scotia’s most vulnerable citizens. 

“The Premier is setting a galling double standard,” says MacDonald. “On the one hand he’s told organizations like Hope Blooms, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia and the CNIB that they’ll have to get by with much less provincial funding, on the other hand he’s just added over $200,000 in salaries for two new cabinet ministers and their executive assistants. Once again it’s clear Stephen McNeil’s priorities are all wrong.”

MacDonald adds, “the Premier needs to answer why he claims to have no money for health care but can afford the luxury of having a bigger cabinet than the Premier of Alberta.”