Cape Breton long-term care bed shortage needs to be addressed

March 11, 2015

NDP MLA Dave Wilson says new numbers obtained by the NDP Caucus indicate a troubling number of people are waiting in hospital beds for long-term care, particularly in Cape Breton.

Approximately 2,500 people are currently waiting for a long-term care space in Nova Scotia and more than 250 are in hospital beds. Of those waiting in hospital beds, almost a third (72) are located in Cape Breton.

“Not only is it unfair to make someone wait for weeks in a hospital bed for long-term care, but these are beds that otherwise could be used to free up space and take the burden off overcrowded emergency rooms,” said Wilson. “In the summer of 2013, the province announced the addition of 350 long-term care beds that would help improve this situation. It’s unfortunate Stephen McNeil and his government decided to put a moratorium on long-term care beds.”

NDP MLA Frank Corbett says the McNeil government has turned its back on Cape Breton.

“I’m disappointed so many local residents are stuck in hospital beds and can’t get long-term care, but I’m not surprised. Time and time again Stephen McNeil has proven his ‘core priorities’ are located in another part of Nova Scotia,” says Corbett.