Health merger is no excuse for delaying the opening of more CECs

June 4, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is disappointed the McNeil government delayed the opening of Collaborative Emergency Centres in rural communities because of the amalgamation of district health authorities.

Today after a cabinet meeting, Health Minister Leo Glavine admitted the Liberal government did not want to open new CECs until the amalgamation of district health authorities was complete. This, in spite of the fact that a plan was already put in place by the previous NDP government to open CECs at hospitals like Fishermen’s Memorial in Lunenburg.

“For families in Lunenburg, Shelburne and Cape Breton, who have been dealing with almost daily emergency room closures, this is unacceptable,” says MacDonald. “Ensuring access to primary care for rural communities should have been a priority for the McNeil government. It’s unacceptable that this process was delayed because the Premier and his health minister were preoccupied with picking fights with health care workers and shuffling health care administration.”