McNeil government dishing out cold showers instead of health care

February 25, 2015

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says he is bewildered that patients and health care providers at the province’s main tertiary care hospital are having difficulty accessing hot water.

“We know there is a shortage of nurses on many floors of the hospital. For them to be faced with this added challenge is unacceptable. They need to be focused on providing the best care for patients and shouldn’t be forced to worry about a basic necessity like hot water,” said Wilson.

Nurses are reporting that due to the unavailability of hot water in a number of areas at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, they are using a kettle to heat water to bathe patients.

“Patients and families are equally frustrated I’m sure. It’s time for the McNeil government to perhaps take a cold shower. Maybe they will finally wake up and realize their inattention to front-line health care is having real impacts and not in a good way.”

“If the McNeil government can’t keep the hot water in hospitals flowing, it can’t give Nova Scotians much confidence about how the health care system is being managed,” said Wilson.