Dexter launches NDP re-election campaign

September 7, 2013

(Port Hawkesbury, N.S.) Today, Sept. 7,  Leader Darrell Dexter officially launched the 2013 NDP re-election campaign to build a better future for today’s families.
“The last election was about change, this election is about the future,” said Dexter. “On election day Nova Scotians will risk turning back to the Liberals, or keep building a better future for today’s families with the NDP.”
Dexter kicked off the campaign in Port Hawkesbury at the curling club. 
“Today, I am humbly asking for the NDP to be given the opportunity to use the experience we have gained, and keep building a better future.”
Surrounded by families, workers, seniors and kids Dexter reminded Nova Scotians about the risk posed by the Stephen McNeil and the Liberals.
“Stephen McNeil was a candidate for the Liberal government that closed 1600 hospital beds, got rid of thousands of nurses and teachers, stopped paving roads, froze long-term care beds and never once balanced a budget.”
“Stephen McNeil is risk families can’t afford to take.”
“The Conservatives left Nova Scotians with crippling debt and the worst economy in Canada,” said Dexter.  “They let ER closures skyrocket and forced seniors in nursing homes into bankruptcy.”
The NDP are offering Nova Scotians a direction that will build a better future for today’s families.
The NDP is making 7 key commitments:
• Better health care
• Good jobs and stronger communities
• Keep the HST off home energy
• A better start for our kids
• Stand up for seniors
• Green, local, tax-free energy
• Keep the budget balanced
“The choice for Nova Scotians is clear.  Does Nova Scotia stop the progress that’s been made so far and return to the failed Liberal policies of the past.  Or do we keep moving forward and build a better future together with the NDP.”
Election day is scheduled for October 8.