NDP to remove HST from more family essentials

October 1, 2013

Today Premier Darrell Dexter announced the NDP will take the HST off more family essentials helping to put more money back into the pockets of hardworking Nova Scotians.


“Four years ago today we took the HST off home heating, making every family’s power bill eight per cent cheaper. Today the NDP is committing to taking the HST off more essentials to help keep more money in the pockets of families,” said Dexter. 

The NDP will take the HST off children’s strollers, infant and children’s car seats, and cloth diaper service. The NDP previously removed the HST from diapers, children’s clothing and children’s footwear and feminine hygiene products. 

“The Liberals have voted eight times to keep the HST on home heating bills and Stephen McNeil is offering no tax relief for families. The NDP is standing up for families by keeping the HST off home heat, taking it off more family essentials and reducing it two points over the next two years,” said the NDP leader.

Removing the HST off family essentials like strollers, car seats and cloth diaper service will put $3.2 million back into the pockets of families. The HST will be removed in 2015.

“As the parents of triplets, we go through a lot of diapers and need a lot of baby clothes and gear,” said Craig Christian, father of four-month old triplets Samantha, Carter and Jessica. “Thanks to the NDP our family is saving hundreds of dollars every year. This makes all the difference when you have a growing family.”

“Nova Scotians worked hard to get the province back to balance and they deserve to have the HST reduced. Mr. McNeil has said a Liberal government will go back to running up deficits, increase the debt and will not reduce taxes,” said Dexter.

“The choice for voters is to go backward to deficits and debt with the Liberals or keep going forward to better health care, more jobs and no HST on home heat and family essentials with the NDP. I’m asking for Nova Scotians to vote for their NDP candidate on October 8.”

The NDP will: deliver better health care where and when people need it, fight for good jobs and stronger communities, keep the HST off home energy and take it off more family essentials, give our kids a better start, stand up for seniors, build the Maritime Link and keep the budget balanced to protect services for families.

Election day is Tuesday, October 8.