NDP celebrate historic four year term in government

June 19, 2013

(Dartmouth, N.S.) Nova Scotians are reflecting on what four years of an NDP government has meant for them today, on the fourth anniversary of the NDP being sworn in as government.

“Nova Scotia’s NDP government is fighting for a better future for families by making life more affordable, delivering better health care sooner, and ensuring dignity and supports for seniors,” said Premier Dexter.

“Nova Scotian’s can’t risk turning back to the failed record of past Liberal and Conservative governments.”

New Democrats gathered at the NSCC Dartmouth Waterfront Campus this morning to report on how the NDP has worked to keep each of its platform commitments. Those accomplishments included taking the HST off home energy and the NDP’s plan for better care sooner.

“The Liberals said keeping emergency rooms open wasn’t possible but we’ve shown them that it can be done and it will be done,” said Dexter.

Several people spoke at the event to share what an NDP government has meant for them.

“I was so happy to see that the NDP chose to fund insulin pumps for children and youth. This is the kind of decision that really makes a difference in people’s lives that need it so much,” said Emily Clarke, who has type 1 diabetes. 

Saeed El-Darahali, president and CEO of Dartmouth-based SimplyCast, was also on hand to talk about the positive impacts of NDP investments in skills training and support for small businesses.

“As an advocate for youth employment and a strong supporter in hiring new graduates, we are pleased with the new initiatives the government has launched to help support businesses train and prepare the next generation of leaders,” said El-Darahali.

Agnes Elms, President of the Campbell-Cole Harbour Senior Citizens Club spoke about a wide variety of NDP initiatives she has benefited from.

“There are so many areas where the NDP is saving seniors money, like the seniors refund I receive on the HST as well as taking the tax off of home heating oil. These things add up, for me these are as much as $250/yr, which makes a real difference for people on a fixed income.”