Peterson-Rafuse: What is the plan for Fishermen’s Memorial?

June 1, 2015

NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse is calling on Health Minister Leo Glavine to provide an update on the status of the proposed Collaborative Emergency Centre at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg, after a staff shortage forced the emergency room there to close last evening.

“There have been plans in place for a Collaborative Emergency Centre at Fishermen’s Memorial since before the McNeil government was elected. The fact that it’s been nearly two years and the government has not moved forward with the project has left a lot of people wondering what will happen,” said Peterson-Rafuse.

Department of Health briefing note obtained by the NDP Caucus through a freedom of information request, acknowledges six sites that were identified in Dr. John Ross’s 2010 review of emergency care which could benefit from collaborative practices but have yet to be implemented (see attached). Peterson-Rafuse says the McNeil government has had more than enough time to move these projects forward.

“Dr. John Ross identified Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital as being ideal for establishing this type of collaborative practice. It’s time for the McNeil government to let the community know what their plans are. They’ve waited long enough.”