Gary Burrill elected leader of the Nova Scotia NDP

March 1, 2016

Gary Burrill is the new leader of the Nova Scotia NDP. Election results were announced earlier today at the conclusion of the NDP Leadership Convention.

A United Church minister, community organizer and author, Gary was from 2009-2013 the first NDP MLA in Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley. He has served congregations in Upper Musquodoboit and Sydney, was founding editor of New Maritimes, and spearheaded the founding of Arimathea, the first funeral cooperative in Nova Scotia.

Burrill takes over as leader immediately and is looking forward to holding the McNeil government to account.

“The Liberals only have one idea for Nova Scotia–austerity–and it’s wrong. We believe in something so much better: public investment for public purposes, especially the purpose of decent incomes and widening opportunities for people,” said Burrill.