McNeil government has robbed Cape Breton of its voice in health care system

June 4, 2015

NDP Sydney-Whitney Pier candidate Madonna Doucette says the McNeil government has clearly ignored the needs of Cape Breton in the creation of the new provincial health authority’s business plan.

The plan, which has been widely criticized for its lack of detail and significant discrepancies with the provincial budget, makes only one mention of Cape Breton. The lone reference is in regards to accreditation for the former Cape Breton District Health Authority, which the Liberals eliminated earlier this year.

“In the past, I could look in the Cape Breton Health Authority’s business plan and see a detailed description of how money was being spent to provide services and care for people in this region,” says Doucette. “Today I can’t because the McNeil government doesn’t want to share that information. Given the challenges we’re currently facing with ER closures and overcrowding, this is very problematic.”

Doucette is particularly concerned about the impact of the $41.5 million cut to health care programs and services outlined in the business plan.

“How much of that cut is happening in Cape Breton? What services could be impacted? How many jobs will be lost locally?” says Doucette. “I also noted that spending for mental health and addictions services has been reduced significantly from the provincial budget. How much of that cut will happen in Cape Breton?”