Home care privatization could make bad situation worse

December 16, 2014

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson fears the Liberal government’s decision to allow large corporations to bid on provincial home care contracts could make a bad situation worse.

Yesterday the Chronicle Herald reported the province has begun a process to privatize home care delivery.

“The Liberal record when it comes to providing home care has been dismal,” says Wilson. “What the government needs to be doing is focusing more attention on reducing wait times, not paying another consultant $90,000 to find out how they can privatize the service.”

Since April of 2014 the waiting list for home care service in Nova Scotia has grown by 80 per cent. He says the Liberals continue to waste valuable time while people who could be at home receiving care sit and wait in hospital beds. He says allowing private companies to earn a profit off home care delivery is not going to solve the underlying problem.

When Ontario privatized home care, wages dropped and a staffing shortage ensued. In order to reduce wait times we need to be doing more to encourage people to enter the profession. Yet, for some reason, the Liberal government is doing everything possible to drive health care workers away. It’s not a reasonable strategy for improving health care,” says Wilson.