McNeil government needs to keep Roseway Emergency Room open

March 6, 2015

(Shelburne, NS) NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau says the constant Emergency Room closures at Roseway Hospital in Shelburne need to stop. He says the fact that families in the region don’t have access to local emergency care at the height of winter is cause for concern.

He made the comments after learning Roseway Emergency Room is closed again today. So far this year the hospital has been closed more than 200 hours. This time last year it had only been closed 39 hours which equates to a more than 400 per cent increase in hours of closures.

“While the McNeil government has been off picking fights with health care unions over the past year and a half, patient care has suffered province-wide,” says Belliveau. “In HRM emergency rooms are overcrowded, in Shelburne the ER has been closed altogether and it’s unacceptable.”

He added, “Premier McNeil and his Health Minister have been well aware of the nursing shortage at Roseway since September. They owe people in Shelburne an explanation for why they have done nothing about it for almost six months.”