Liberal government failing seniors who need long-term care

November 18, 2014

Liberal Health Minister Leo Glavine must explain the sharp increase in the number of seniors waiting for nursing home spaces under his watch, says NDP MLA Dave Wilson.

Wilson made the comments in response to a Chronicle Herald story published this morning that revealed the long-term care waiting list “hit an all-time high this month, and has been on an upswing since July.” According to the story the waiting list now stands at 2,272 people, a 2.6% increase in past five months. The story also notes the waiting list has increased even though fewer people have applied in the past year.

“The figures suggest that not only is the waiting list growing, but that people are waiting longer to gain access to nursing care” said Wilson. “Given this information, one has to wonder why Minister Glavine has rejected the notion that more long term care beds need to be added to the system.”

Wilson says he is most concerned that over 300 people are waiting in hospital beds that otherwise would be in nursing care.

“In the last six months significant gaps have emerged in our health care system. I have to question whether the Minister has been paying attention,” says Wilson.

“While the Minister is preoccupied with merging health authorities the home care waiting list is growing, the nursing home waiting is growing and hundreds of people are taking up hospital beds. This is placing a tremendous amount of stress on the entire health care system.”