Liberal “Health System Tour 2014” report nothing more than a political document

June 4, 2014

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says the “Health System Tour 2014” report is nothing more than a political document. He says while he appreciates the feedback many provided, the document fails to address the serious concerns Nova Scotians have with the Liberal district health authority (DHA) amalgamation scheme.

“People, particularly in rural Nova Scotia, are voicing very real concerns with the Liberal health care scheme,” said Wilson. “They want to know how much it will cost. They want to know what services will be impacted in their community. And they want to know if more collaborative emergency centres will open.”

He added, “Leo Glavine has promised DHA amalgamation will be complete in less than 10 months, but he still can’t answer a single relevant question about his plan.”

Wilson said if anything, the report should have analyzed why district health authority amalgamation has been a failure in New Brunswick and Alberta.

“If Leo Glavine wanted to research the impact of DHA amalgamation he had two valid case studies in New Brunswick and Alberta to refer to,” said Wilson.” In Alberta restructuring added almost $100 million in costs and in New Brunswick administrative costs continued to rise while patient care suffered. “Perhaps those are details Leo Glavine wants to keep from Nova Scotians.”

In April the NDP obtained a Liberal government briefing note that indicated DHA amalgamation would lead to additional administrative costs for several years, money that could be used to provide front line care.

“The Liberals continue to occupy themselves with the busy work of rearranging the board room chairs when they should be focused on improving the level of health care for Nova Scotians,” added Wilson.

The report, which was officially released yesterday under title “Putting Patients First”, was taken offline today and renamed after it was discovered its title was a Liberal political slogan used during the last election. The report is now back online.