Stephen McNeil needs to stop complaining

October 2, 2015

NDP MLA Marian Mancini says outrageous comments made by Stephen McNeil in a recent LighthouseNow article prove the Premier has no clue of the damage he’s done to Nova Scotia’s screen industry.

In the article Stephen McNeil says he wants “the province’s film and television industry to get back to work and stop complaining.” The Premier goes on to say, “I would argue that the negative press that the industry has been putting on themselves has been more detrimental to the sector than any change we made.”

Mancini says members of the screen industry, who are struggling to find work after the Liberal government slashed the film tax credit, are in disbelief over the arrogance displayed by the Premier in the article.

“Let’s get one thing straight, the only people who have been detrimental to our screen industry in the past year are Stephen McNeil and his Liberal government,” says Mancini. “With no consultation and a stroke of a pen they devastated what was once a vibrant industry employing more than 2,700 people. Maybe the Premier is angry about the bad press this decision has caused him, but the fact of the matter is he’s earned it and he needs to stop complaining.”