McNeil’s ambition getting in the way of creating good jobs

February 25, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil’s ambition is getting in the way of creating good jobs in Nova Scotia Halifax Needham MLA Maureen MacDonald said today.

 In the last year, McNeil has repeatedly attacked people creating thousands of jobs in this province leading to several major employers telling the Liberal leader to start acting in the best interest in Nova Scotia, said MacDonald.

 “It has become obvious that Stephen McNeil cares about one job,” said MacDonald. “McNeil is so focused on becoming Premier that he is willing to jeopardize employment for thousands of Nova Scotians.”

 McNeil was highly critical of thousands of jobs at the Irving shipyard, hundreds of jobs with the engineering firm Projex and 1,400 forestry jobs to name a few. He even took out television advertising attacking employers in the province.

 “When something good happens in Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil complains. Politicians need to put the interest of the province over their own ambition. Mr. McNeil has never learned this,” MacDonald said.

 This weekend Irving took the unusual step of telling McNeil to stop spreading misinformation about the province’s shipbuilding deal.


“On behalf of the men and women of the Halifax Shipyard, I am offended by the cheap political shots (by Mr. McNeil) that don’t align with facts and the reality of our efforts to date,” Jim Irving wrote on the weekend.


Late last fall, Projex Atlantic Region President Scott Richards wrote a public letter raising the same concerns about McNeil’s actions.


“All we ask is not to make us a political punching bag, as that has the potential to hurt our ability to actually deliver the jobs over the next five years as well as Nova Scotia’s reputation for attracting investment and new jobs,” Richards wrote.


Valerie Payn, President and CEO of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce echoed those comments in her letter to the editor in November which also called on McNeil and the Liberals to stop the cheap shots on those creating jobs in the province.


“The rash of negativity around recent announcements by Projex and IBM, and their plans to set up business in Halifax leaves me bitterly disappointed,” wrote Payn. She went on to say ask what it was critics like McNeil planned for the economy if it did not include creating jobs. “Let’s face it, these companies could go anywhere…”


MacDonald said McNeil’s self-interested criticism hurts the province and has to stop.


“Seeing this kind of behaviour, I think Nova Scotians are rightly asking themselves: what do we really know about Stephen McNeil?”