Wait times for mental health care services increase by 25% under McNeil government

January 14, 2016

The average time Nova Scotia adults have to wait for community-based mental health care services has increased by 28 days or 25% under the McNeil government. This is according to the province’s own data available on-line. To see data click here.

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says this data contradicts claims made by Health Minister Leo Glavine in an op-ed released today.

“Leo Glavine has some really lovely sounding talking points about community-based mental health care, but the data shows they are complete baloney,” says MacDonald. “Since Stephen McNeil became Premier the average wait time for community-based mental health care services has grown from 78 days to 105 days. People have to wait almost a full month longer to get the help they need.”

She adds, “The Liberals’ real record on mental health care is this: they neglected the mental health strategy for two full years, they cut funding to community-based organizations that provide support to families, they closed the Aberdeen mental unit and they’ve allowed wait times to increase dramatically. As a result, our province’s mental health care system has deteriorated significantly under this government.”