Michel Samson owes mill workers and their families an apology

July 11, 2013

NDP MLA Jim Boudreau was shocked to learn that Liberal MLA Michel Samson toured Port Hawkesbury Paper, after he fought against investing in the region’s largest employer.

“When the mill closed 1400 hard working families were left wondering if they had a future in Cape Breton. They were looking for hope, for leadership and the Liberal party and their own representative was nowhere to be seen or heard from,” said Boudreau. “Without this NDP government standing up for those workers and their families Mr. Sampson would have been touring an empty building.”

In the months following the mill’s closure, Stephen McNeil and the Liberal Caucus spoke out against saving those jobs. The mills’ reopening was even highlighted in a recent Liberal ad as action the NDP government shouldn’t have taken.

“Only one Strait MLA turned their back on workers and their families in their time of crisis and it’s appalling that only now with an election approaching he can see the value of saving those jobs in his community.”

The NDP chose to stand on the side of families, workers, and small business owners and negotiated a deal to get the mill running again. Today, Port Hawkesbury Paper is the most modern paper producer in North America. This year’s edition of Nova Scotia’s Doers and Dreamers guide is printed on Port Hawkesbury paper.

“Nova Scotians have seen just how arrogant the Liberals are, but showing up at that mill in front of those workers now, takes the Liberal arrogance to an unbelievable new level,” said Boudreau. “The Liberals just don’t get it; leadership is about taking a position and standing up for people when they need a voice. It’s not about turning your back on them and then showing up when it’s suitable for you.”

“Mr. Samson owes those workers and their families an apology for taking his marching orders from Stephen McNeil to do nothing, instead of doing his job and being there for those 1400 hard working families,” said Boudreau.