More roads being paved for less under NDP

July 30, 2013

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation misled Nova Scotians on the facts of improving Nova Scotia’s roads. The fact is the NDP 5 year road plan has resulted in paving more and paying less, said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Maurice Smith.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s analysis only looked at salaries for crew and expenses which is only one part of the cost associated with producing asphalt. The biggest cost to producing asphalt is the materials.

“It’s disappointing the Canadian Taxpayers Federation chose not to tell the whole story even though all the information is available online,” said Smith.

“The NDP introduced a mobile asphalt plant and an in-house chip seal operation to generate competition and bring prices down and that’s exactly what is happening.”

Smith says the NDP plan has resulted in more roads being improved and made safer at less cost.

“The NDP plan has resulted in $20.8 million in savings for Nova Scotia taxpayers for 2011 and 2012,” said Smith. “Last year 600 kilometers of roads were resurfaced or paved. That’s 100 kilometers more than what was planned and that’s great news for Nova Scotians.”

The information provided by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is available to anyone who wishes to view the facts, unfiltered, on the public accounts website.

“With the NDP’s open and transparent 5 year plan more roads are being improved at less cost to Nova Scotians. If given the chance Stephen McNeil and the Liberals would go back to making paving decisions behind closed doors based on political friendships rather than need. It’s a risk Nova Scotia families can’t afford to take.”