Morton: Stephen McNeil Wrong Again – This Time about CECs

September 3, 2013

(Kentville, N.S.) NDP MLA Jim Morton says Stephen McNeil needs to admit he was wrong about Collaborative Emergency Centres (CEC). The 2012-2013 Emergency Room Accountability report shows in communities where a CEC has opened temporary emergency department closures are down by 92 per cent.

On March 26, 2013 McNeil was quoted as saying, “The CEC model is just another way of saying your emergency room is closed.”

Morton says the hard numbers prove McNeil was wrong and Nova Scotians should be concerned with the Liberals’ lack of a plan when it comes to health care.

“In Stephen McNeil’s own constituency of Annapolis temporary emergency department closure hours decreased by almost 70 per cent this past year. It says a lot about McNeil’s leadership that the Liberals oppose a model that is improving emergency care for families in his own back yard,” said Morton.

“This is just another example of McNeil putting politics ahead of people.”

Today’s Emergency Room accountability report showed that emergency department closures are down 21 per cent since the NDP became government and down 92 per cent in communities where a CEC has been implemented.

The most dramatic reduction is in Liberal MLA (and former Conservative Health Minister) Karen Casey’s constituency of Colchester North. Closures at the Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital in Tatamagouche dropped by 94 per cent since a CEC was opened there last summer.

“When the CEC opened in Annapolis Royal McNeil didn’t even show up for the announcement. Nova Scotians should be concerned that health care isn’t a priority for the Liberals. They would scrap Collaborative Emergency Centres and go back to the old model that wasn’t working. The only idea they have is to create the type of health super board that has brought chaos to Alberta hospitals.”