NDP building a better future for Nova Scotia families

May 10, 2013

 The spring session at the Nova Scotia Legislature saw the NDP build a better future for Nova Scotia families in ways the Liberals and Conservatives never would have says Premier Darrell Dexter.

 “It took an NDP government to make life more affordable for our poorest seniors by no longer forcing them to pay provincial income tax. It took an NDP government to bring in a long term housing strategy that will help many Nova Scotians gain access to safe, affordable housing. And, it took an NDP government get better health care sooner for Nova Scotians,” said Premier Dexter.

 Today, May 10, marked the last day of the 2013 Spring session which sat a total of 32 days. Highlights of the session include the NDP decision to protect cuts to the HST on home energy and other essential items. The Liberals have voted to charge the HST on home energy multiple times including in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2013.

 “Families shouldn’t be forced to pay more for the things they absolutely need, like energy,” said Dexter. “This legislation means that should never happen again without Nova Scotians first agreeing to it.” 

 Dexter also noted for three consecutive months Nova Scotia has seen job growth, despite federal government cut backs, with thousands more jobs today than when the NDP government was elected. 

 Highlights of the spring session include the introduction of a balanced budget making Nova Scotia one of only four provinces to balance a provincial budget this year. The budget helps young Nova Scotians with diabetes by funding insulin pumps, expands dental care coverage for 40,000 more children, expands newborn screening, and funding to establish early years centres giving parents access to a more coordinated approach to programs and services. Small business owners will also benefit from a lower tax rate and single-window, streamlined access to current small-business programs.

 “We’ve kept our promise to put the legislature back to work and get Nova Scotia back to balance. Not only that, we’ve helped secure and prepare Nova Scotia for some of the greatest opportunities in the history of our province including the Irving ship contract, the Maritime Link and offshore exploration,” said Dexter.

 Dexter said he is pleased to see the difference solutions like Collaborative Emergency Centres, a mental health and addictions strategy, and investments to attract and keep good jobs are making in the lives of Nova Scotians.

 “There is always more work to be done but the progress we’ve made so far would be at risk if the Liberals or Conservatives had the chance. They would take away the ability of rural communities to make their own health care decisions, they would allow jobs to go elsewhere and they would hand over our energy future to Hydro Quebec.”

 “New Democrats are building a better future for Nova Scotia families. Nova Scotia is starting to turn the corner.  This is the time to move forward, not backwards to the parties that failed when they had a chance.”