NDP bill protects Nova Scotia film, television and digital media industry

April 14, 2015

Today the NDP will introduce legislation ensuring mandatory industry consultation before any changes can be made to the film tax credit. The bill would not only apply to the changes the McNeil government introduced in the budget, but any potential future changes as well.

“It’s clear the McNeil government does not understand the impact its decision to slash the film tax credit will have on Nova Scotia’s vibrant film, television and digital media industry,” says MacDonald. “This bill will give the Premier and his Finance Minister an opportunity to take a step back, to meet and consult with industry, and reconsider a bad decision that places thousands of good jobs at risk.”

Independent television producer Geoff D’Eon of Halifax says consultation with the industry is crucial.

“The film and television sector has been rocked at how last week’s budget made such sweeping changes without any real consultation. An entire sector that generates tens of millions of dollars in economic activity was turned on its head. No prior discussion, no impact studies, no dialogue between government and people in the industry. There has to be a better way,” says D’Eon.

MacDonald adds, “The Premier should never have allowed things to reach this point. Major policy changes that can negatively impact an entire sector should not be made unilaterally without proper consultation. This bill ensures that future governments won’t be allowed to repeat this mistake.